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Tried this out after my older sister recommended. Cat is truly special. In times like these, mental health is important so to me this was an extension of taking care of myself. Definitely think there is value to having your energy read and it can never hurt to stay self reflexive at all times. Definitely would recommend giving it a try if unfamiliar on how this really works

Connor H.

When I think of my session the only word that comes to mind is WOW!
It was my first time doing it so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I couldn't even imagine what I was getting myself into. She eased my mind and just talked to me as if I was a new friend (which I hope we are now lol). Once we started the session she asked me to find my happy place-CALIFORNIA! As soon as she started talking and getting me relaxed it was as if something came over my body. I knew I was in a safe space and just kept listening to her voice. Tears started to roll from my eyes with NO WARNING! It wasn't a hard cry at all. It was like all these emotions I've been feeling inside of me for years was finally starting to be released!
I didn't want it to end! I had NEVER felt something like that before and I just wanted ALL of the hurt and pain to go away since we had only scratched the surface. I already have my next session booked and I'm soo excited!!

Brianna D.

I finally got a chance to get a Reiki Session and I was very excited because I had heard so many good things about it. My experience was wonderful and I definitely would recommend it to family and friends. Also, I know how to feel my own energy and vibrations now, which is amazing!

Darell L.

I have used Cat several times and have always received great service with a personal interest in helping.  Cat takes the time to get to know you and connect with you so the experience is fulfilling.  Afterwards i am relaxed and lighter as my daily challenges are addressed.  I would recommend Cat to anyone, whether it's your first session or your a regular.

Linda K.

It can be hard finding legitimate non western/ traditional means of healing online. People often wonder if the service & the provider is trustworthy. Any fears I might have possibly had were put to rest with my session. She was completely professional & personable as well, wager to answer any questions. The atmosphere was very welcoming & relaxing & I can honestly say that I left there much lighter than I had before I showed up. I'll definitely be going back.

Christie O.

The BEST service I have ever received. As an essential worker, my tension, anxiety, and the sleeping pattern was way out of wack. Thanks so much to Healing Panther, my labor has been much productive, tension has gotten better and I sleep without interruption and deeply. Thank so much Cat for helping me to find my center and get me back to normal in the middle of this turmoil of quarantine.  Deeply appreciate you.!!

Manny E.

I had a break through in my very first session. I was recommended by my best friend and it literally changed my life. I'm extremely grateful for her and this session and I will continue to see her as my life needs her. She takes extremely great care of her clients and I truly feel and know your sessions are confidentially protected. I recommend to anyone who needs spiritual (not religious) guidance. If your a newbie, I especially recommend you because she makes every session feel extremely safe and comfortable. You wont regret it!

Tiffany H.

Cat is amazing at what she does! I've been taught reiki by her, had sessions, and readings. In my sessions you can feel spirit working through her and providing you with what I need. She knew exactly what I needed to let go of so that I could grow, what I needed to strengthen and she put the pieces together when I didn't see the full picture. You won't be disappointed no matter which service you get.

Zayne S.

I've had more than one reading and EACH one was SPOT on! I would HIGHLY recommend that you allow Cat to give you a reading. She is very professional and has a beautiful spirit. She also does follow ups after she reads you to check on you and to offer additional assistance. She's great!

Trirese T.